The Wellness Combo

Ready to introduce your friends to an all new experience? We’re bringing you a combination of nourishing meals, yoga, and sound baths for your body and your mind. 

We’re excited to announce that we’ve teamed up with Yoga Sound Journey, a female owned small business like mine! Malou, the founder, provides both yoga and sound bath experiences and is continually training in new techniques to bring her clients. Malou’s sound baths are now apart of my own wellness journey helping me quiet my mind and meditate.  

We’re now taking bookings for you to host friends and family at your home (or other venue of your choosing). We’ll run the day as you’d prefer, but as a rough guide:

  • Welcome your guests with my homemade canapes;
  • Enjoy a 1 hour group yoga session;
  • Enjoy a 1 hour group sound bath;
  • Relax and hydrate with our recommended ceremonial cacao hot drink, or teas;
  • Indulge in a well earned bespoke 3-course plated meal that we plan together.

From £150pp based on 8 people. To reserve your date, email us at 

Yoga Sound Journey

Yoga Sound Journey is a team of Yoga Teachers and Sound Therapists, based in London. Malou established “Yoga & Sound Journey” as an authenticity-focussed partnership to deliver their unique Yoga, Sound Healing, and combination sessions around London and the UK.

Malou specialises in:

  • Using movement and breath through Yoga to support people’s physical and mental wellbeing;

  • Using sound – in particular Tibetan Singing Bowls – to create accessible environments for experiencing meditation and deep relaxation states;

  • Creating combination sessions that use both techniques to create powerful holistic health and wellness experiences.

Malou Coindreau, the founder of Yoga Sound Journey is a yoga teacher and qualified sound healer. Specialising in dynamic Vinyasa flows that energise and reinvigorate students, Malou taught yoga all around Europe and South East Asia. Whilst teaching Yoga in Thailand, she studied Sound Healing using Tibetan Singing Bowls, and has been building this into her teaching practice and exploring the power of these combined practices.

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