July 3rd and 4th, Saturday or Sunday

July 4th Weekend BBQ

We are serving up a BBQ feast for July 4th weekend perfect for American ex-pats celebrating July 4th, or anyone else looking for a perfect BBQ meal for the weekend. We are delivering the July 4th feast on your choice of either July 3rd (Saturday) or July 4th (Sunday) ready for your garden parties. Delivery is a bit earlier than normal, between 10am-1pm.

We have my 12 hour apple wood smoked pulled pork, ultimate mac ‘n’ cheese, buttermilk cornbread muffins, tri-colour slaw, and chopped salad with spicy ranch on offer. For dessert, choose between a healthy fruit platter, chocolate chip brownies, or lemon and berry meringue bars.

Like all of our special holiday meals, this meal is fully a la carte. You can choose every item you want individually. All we ask is that every meal is a minimum of £75 to cover free delivery.

Apple Wood Smoked Pulled Pork

12 hour apple wood smoked pulled pork served with a Kansas city BBQ sauce. Allergens: Mustard

Additional Kansas City BBQ Sauce

Handmade tomato based BBQ sauce full of flavour. Allergens: Mustard

Mac ‘n’ Cheese

Ultimate mac ‘n’ cheese with extra mature cheddar and Parmesan sauce, ditaloni pasta, and topped with panko breadcrumb and more cheese. Allergens: Gluten, Dairy. 

Cornbread Muffins

Handmade buttermilk cornbread muffins. Allergens: Dairy, gluten, eggs

Tri-Colour Slaw

Shaved red cabbage, savoy cabbage, and carrots with a creamy herb dressing. Allergens: Eggs, Celery

Chopped Salad with Spicy Ranch

Chopped romaine, radicchio lettuces, roasted corn, tomatoes, and diced cucumber with a homemade chipotle spiced ranch dressing. Allergens: Dairy, eggs

Fruit Platter

Seasonal fruit platter with sliced melons, cherries, and berries.

Chocolate Chip Brownies

Handmade Brownies with milk, white, and dark chocolate chips. Allergens: Dairy, eggs, gluten**, and Soy. GF available.

Lemon and Berry Meringue Bars

Lemon Bars topped with toasted Meringue and fresh berries. Allergens: Dairy, Gluten, Eggs

Ultimate Chocolate Chip Cookies

Ultimate Chocolate Chip Cookies. Chewy with a bit of crunch and sprinkled with flaked sea salt – a fan favourite! Allergens: Dairy, Gluten, Eggs, Soya.