July 29th, Thursday

Grilled Harissa Chicken Skewers

Harissa marinated boneless skinless chicken grilled on skewers served with tzatziki sauce and flatbreads on the side. One large skewer and flatbread/portion. Order extra flatbreads below. Allergens: dairy (in Tzatziki), gluten (in flatbreads)

Greek Salad

Mixture of romaine lettuce and baby salad greens, black olives, feta, tomatoes, sliced red onion, diced cucumber, and mint with a homemade lemon and oregano dressing. Allergens: Dairy (optional)

Optional dips and dippers

Want to add some hummus or additional flatbreads? Order here.

Ultimate Chocolate Chip Cookies

Ultimate Chocolate Chip Cookies. Chewy with a bit of crunch and sprinkled with flaked sea salt – a fan favourite! Allergens: Dairy, Gluten, Eggs, Soya.