June 19th, Wednesday

Honey Sesame Steak

Hanger steak marinated in a honey, sesame and ginger grilled to rare. Ready to be roasted in the oven to your desired doneness. Allergens: sesame, soy

Honey Sesame Chicken

Grilled skinless boneless chicken breasts marinated in honey, sesame, and ginger marinade. Allergens: soy, sesame

Honey Sesame Salmon

Salmon marinated in a honey sesame dressing ready to be pan-fried or grilled in the oven. Allergens: soy, fish

Mango Slaw

Savoy cabbage, red bell pepper, julienne carrots, mango, coriander, and cashews with a vegetarian nuac Cham dressing. Allergens: cashews

Chopped Thai Salad

Shaved red cabbage, julienne carrots, julienne sweet pepper, kale, mint, coriander, spring onion, toasted cashews, with a ginger soya dressing. Allergens:  soy, nuts (cashews)

Sticky Rice

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