About Me

I originally setup Educated Cooking to run cooking courses but since the pandemic hit I've moved into running a very successful meal delivery and catering business. I've now re-branded as Surrey Catering as this is what I'm now known for. I've been embedded into my clients lives for the last three years and love delivering fresh meals and catering for events that the whole family enjoys.

My background is unique and varied, but all has to do with food. I first taught myself to cook as a teenager, but honed my culinary skills while working for award winning restaurants in the States for five years. Whilst I was working in restaurants, I studied and received a BSc in Nutrition. I moved to the U.K. in 2013 to pursue an MSc in Food Science at the University of Leeds where I graduated at the top of my class.

Although my science background helps guide me in the hows and whys of cooking, I am ultimately driven to make the most delicious food possible for myself and my clients. My goal is to create food that you crave and want to eat day in and day out.

The Surrey Catering kitchen is located in my back garden in a converted garage that me and my husband painstakingly built with our own hands. We initially created this kitchen with the hopes of creating a cooking school where I would teach adults and children how to cook. However because of COVID-19, and the inability to hold any classes, I had to pivot the business and created the meal delivery service you now know and love. 

Creating and cooking are my ultimate passion and one of my favourite parts of my business is working with you to make unique bespoke menus for any event. Get in touch if you need a special menu, or look at my catering page for inspiration. 

Eleanor Watkins

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